Tren Tata Laksana Kanker Prostat Lokal Lanjut di Indonesia



Aim: to evaluate treatment trend of stage T3 prostate cancer based on several factors. Methods: a retrospective study
was done on stage T3 prostate cancer patients from year 1995-2013, at two national referral hospitalsin Indonesia.
Treatment trends between hormonal therapy and radiotherapy based on year of treatment, PSA level, tumor grade and
age groups were evaluated.Results: On 50 patients subjects, 25 (50%), 23 (46%) and 2 (4%) subjects were treated by
radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and radical prostatectomy, respectively. Year of treatment were significantly associated
with treatment selection (p=0.012), after excluding year of treatment 1995-1999 group. Hormonal therapy was preferred
on high grade tumor group (53.8%) and more applied for older patients. Treatment trend was not affected by PSA level.
Conclusion: Year of treatment were significantly associated with treatment selection of stage T3 prostate cancer.
Hormonal therapy was preferred on high grade tumor group and older age groups.
Keyword: treatment trend, locally advanced prostate cancer, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy

Penelitian ini bertujuan mengevaluasi tren tata laksana kanker prostat stage T3 berdasarkan faktor-faktor yang
memengaruhi. Metode: studi retrospektif tata laksana kanker prostat stage T3 di Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo
dan Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais periode 1995-2013. Data tren pemilihan terapi antara radioterapi atau terapi
hormonal dianalisis berdasarkan kelompok tahun terapi, kadar PSA, grade tumor, dan kelompok usia. Hasil penelitian
menunjukkan dari 50 subjek, 25 (50%), 23 (46%), dan 2 (4%) subjek mendapatkan tata laksana radioterapi, terapi
hormonal, dan prostatektomi radikal secara berturutan. Perubahan tren pemilihan terapi berdasarkan tahun terapi
secara statistik signifikan (p=0,012), dengan mengeksklusikan kelompok periode terapi 1995-1999. Terapi hormonal
lebih menjadi pilihan untuk kelompok tumor high grade (53,8%) dan lebih sering dipilih seiring bertambahnya usia
pasien. Kadar PSA tidak memengaruhi tren pemilihan terapi. Kesimpulan: terdapat perubahan yang bermakna dalam
pemilihan terapi kanker prostat stage T3 berdasarkan tahun terapi. Terapi hormonal lebih menjadi pilihan pada kasus
dengan tumor high grade dan kelompok usia yang semakin tua.
Kata Kunci: tren terapi, kanker prostat lokal lanjut, radioterapi, terapi hormonal


treatment trend; locally advanced prostate cancer; radiotherapy; hormonal therapy


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