Iatrogenic Damage of the Pedicle of Radial Forearm Free Flap Repaired with Super-Microsurgery Techniques: A Case Report

Jonathan Velazquez- Mujica, Hung Chi Chen, Juan Carlos Reyes Cerda


Introduction: Accidental Iatrogenic damage of the pedicle or perforators has been frequently reported as a cause of failure of free flaps. Free radial forearm flap helps to cover defects that are not possible to cover with local flaps or skin graft.

Case Presentation: A 91 years old patient with Bowen Disease had multiple actinic keratosis and a history of squamous cell carcinoma over the forehead, which was removed 4 years before. The recurrent tumor was detected and wide excision of the tumor was done. It resulted in a large defect of 8 x 5.5 cm2 in diameter at the forehead with exposure of bone, therefore, a free radial forearm flap was performed for reconstruction with right superficial temporal artery and vein as recipient’s vessel. We observed leakage of blood through the radial artery near to the anastomosis due to iatrogenic damage during flap harvesting.

Conclusions: Nowadays, repairing iatrogenic damage through the main pedicle or perforators of the pedicle is possible with super-microsurgery technique due to the improvement of the skills and smaller sutures avoiding the obstruction of the lumen of the pedicle or perforator. This is considered a salvage procedure instead of harvesting new free flaps and can be useful for all kinds of free flaps.


Bowen’s disease, forearm flap, perforator damage, supermicrosurgery


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DOI: 10.33371/ijoc.v14i1.696

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