Validity and Reliability Study of Patient Satisfaction Level- Questionnaire (UNS-BsQ8) for Breast Fibroadenoma Patient after Surgery

Muhammad David Perdana Putra, Kristanto Yuli Yarso, Mudib Mudib, Zhafirah Ramadhanty


Background: This study aimed to develop a patient satisfaction level-questionnaire (UNS-BsQ8) for breast fibroadenoma patients in Indonesia and to test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire by using established models.

Methods: A total of 83 women with breast fibroadenoma completed the questionnaire after their surgeries. We assessed the construct validity and the reliability by referring to its Pearson’s r table value and Cronbach’s α coefficient.

Results: It showed that 83 subjects completed all 8 questions of the instrument between January 1–31, 2020; the Pearson’s value of all items of the UNS-BsQ8 with the lowest value of r = .398 in question number 8, followed by r = .411 in question number 7 with an r-value of r > .1584 indicated that these questions were valid. Cronbach’s α coefficient of > .60 indicated questionable internal consistency.

Conclusions: The result of this study proves that UNS-BsQ8 is accepted, valid, and reliable. It can be used for future investigation, especially in patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery.


breast fibroadenoma, questionnaire, reliability, validity


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DOI: 10.33371/ijoc.v14i2.715

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